If you are involved in hydroponics, you are aware that you need timers to pre-programme essential tasks in your greenhouse. Timers are a great way to automate tasks, such as irrigation times, lighting or feeding plants.

Our collection features competitively priced timers, such as our pre-programmed pump timer which can help feed your plants with drip irrigation. We have a timer that can be used for a 12 or 18-hour feed cycle.

We also have a segmental timer that can be used with low amp drawing equipment, such as water pumps or air pumps. Keep your plants healthy and well-fed by purchasing your timer today.

If you need additional hydroponics equipment or growing products, or interested in growing plants, we have a wide range of durable and high-quality products that can help. We have competitive prices on grow lights, nutrients, hydroponics systems, and more so take a look through our collection.

If you require any more details or have any questions about our hydroponics equipment or growing products, you can contact a member of the Teignbridge Horticulture team on 01803 872 961.

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