Regulate temperature effectively with our range of Ventilation products. Specifically targeted towards hydroponic growers, we provide commercial-grade items to both businesses and independent horticulturalists. All of the products available here maintain a high-level quality combined with a budget-friendly yet competitive pricing. This allows you to create the most appropriate set-up, no matter your individual requirements. You'll find a large selection of products here from leading brands. From Rhino through to ONA, we bring together the best items all in one place for your convenience.

Browse our selection online here today. We've got Extractor/Intake Fans to help maintain a clean air circulation. Our Oscillating/Clip/Wall Fans offer a variety of different designs, suitable for large and small-scale grow tents alike. Rhino Carbon Filters are recognised for their quality and longevity. And, alongside these, we have a range of Acoustic, Aluminium and Combi ducting. Ventilation Control technology allows you to monitor and adjust the internal conditions of your grow tent and our Metalwork collection will help you complete connections. We have a number of Accessories to help you keep on top of ventilation alongside Odour Control to keep your environment appealing. No matter what you need, we're confident you'll find it here.

Teignbridge Horticulture specialises in hydroponics growing and employs a team of highly experienced individuals. This ensures we're always on hand to answer questions, give information and provide the advice needed. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please feel free to get in touch today.

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