Ventilation Kits

Our Ventilation Kits provide everything you need to build a complete hydroponics set-up. Our online range includes a number of top brands, giving you quality every single time. The right ventilation equipment will help to regulate temperature, humidity and CO2 levels - all factors that contribute to good crop growth. Aggressive conditions can cause your plants to direct their energy into surviving rather than growing or flowering. Our team understands this and also the importance of supporting both commercial and amateur growers.

Browse our range online here today. We have a variety of different kits to suit every need. Our Aluminium Ducting Ventilation Kits collection is made up of leading brands including Maxifan, Rhino and Ram. You'll find Isomax Fans and Rhino Filter kits in our Acoustic Ducting Ventilation Kits. And, for those seeking Combi Ducting Ventilation Kits, we stock a number of options to help you build a complete ventilation system in no time. All of our products can be set up quickly and are compatible with various grow tents. They combine quality with accessible pricing - the perfect choice for anyone with a love for horticulture.

You can shop our full range of ventilation kits right here. We also have Fan Speed Controllers which helps create the ideal grow room temperature. The team here at Teignbridge Horticulture are experienced in the world of hydroponics and use this to support our customer's needs. If you have any questions about our ventilation kits or any of the other products in our online store, get in contact today.

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