For growers looking for a powerful, ultra quiet, fully controllable, energy efficient EC fan then look no further. The Rhino Ultra Silent fans are housed in a larger case and lined with noise dampening foam to reduce noise to a minimum.

Rhino EC fans have a soft start function meaning your fan won't ramp up to full speed when switched on, instead it will slowly adjust up in speed until the suitable airflow is reached. Rhino Acoustic EC fans pull a substantial amount of air compared to other makes of comparable sizes.

All Ultra Silent Rhino fans come complete with a manual speed controller which is fully adjustable  (0% - 100%) with no humming or strain on the bearings.

Compatible with 3 pin and RJ45 controllers using the adaptors supplied.

For optimum grow room control all Rhino Ultra Silent EC Fans can be used with the new Rhino Thermostatic EC Fan Controller.

Max Airflow:

Rhino EC Fan 150mm      550m3/hr

Rhino EC Fan 200mm    1300m3/hr

Rhino EC Fan 250mm    1800m3/hr

Key Facts:

  • energy efficient EC fans
  • additional noise dampening
  • soft start function
  • fan speed controller included
  • powerful motors for optimum airflow
  • can be used with compatible controllers

When and how to use:

Grow room temperature is one of the components that needs to be right. Fluctuating temperatures can have a negative impact on plant growth and health. When choosing your extractor fan make sure you choose a fan that pulls enough air for your requirements and always choose a compatible Carbon Filter. To maintain the correct temperature when lights are on as well as off it is recommended to use a compatible fan speed controller as this is the best way to monitor temperatures and automatically adjust the fan as required.

When hanging you extractor fan it is recommended to check the direction of airflow before you connect the ducting. The fan can be hung inside or outside your tent or room and the Carbon Filter must be in the room. Connect the compatible ducting  to the Fan and Filter using Ducting Clips. To reduce noise we recommended using Acoustic Ducting. If you are using a Fan Speed Controller connect it to your fan and power up everything.

Available Options

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